Wedding Morning Preparations

There are a few key things to think about when choosing where to get ready on your wedding morning.

Is there enough space?

If you are getting ready in a hotel make sure you choose a good size room, everyone is going to need space to get dressed (bride, mother of the bride and the bridesmaids) and space to hang those beautiful dresses!

Once you add a photoghraper, makeup artist and hairstylist that room gets smaller and with the hair dryer and curling tongs going it gets hotter! If possible view afew rooms in the hotel before booking or ask if they have a conference room you can use for the makeup and hair, most hotels will happily let you use one of these rooms.

A table or two

Makeup and hair stylists come with stuff, products, brushes, hair dryers etc we need a little area to spread this out. We are good at being creative with space and have worked with all sorts but a little table is always helpful :-)

Let there be light!

Lighting makes a huge difference, for myself natural light is always the best so what ever room in your house or hotel you choose make sure its nice and bright.


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